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Comp Recovery Inc

CRI was formed as a result of the recognition by its founding partners of the inefficiencies currently effecting healthcare providers who treat compensation patients. There is a tremendous amount of misinformation, confusion and misunderstanding of the Virginia Workers’ Compensation system. CRI identified these areas of concern and began the process of addressing the challenges faced by healthcare providers.

Our results with CRI have exceeded expectations. Over the last three years, CRI has collected thousands of dollars in improperly paid workers compensation bills.

– Denise W. Nichols: Administrator Tuckahoe Orthopedic Associates, Ltd.

Our Staff

The CRI staff is a highly qualified and experienced group of professionals who have greater than 100 years combined expertise in the compensation industry. Our team includes healthcare professionals, workers’ compensation claim professionals, insurance and risk management professionals, information technology specialists, business managers and workers’ compensation experts. CRI has quickly become recognized as an industry leader and a champion for healthcare providers. Our experience and recognition as a medical recovery, contract language, practice consultant, training and profit enhancement expert has led our partners to increase revenue and growth within the workers’ compensation arena.

Comp Recovery What we do