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No Risk – No Cost

No Risk No Cost Recovery Analysis

Workers’ Compensation is often overlooked by healthcare providers because it’s perceived as an unmanageable and unprofitable service base. Those who agree to treat injured workers follow processes and procedures that, while appropriate for general healthcare services, are not necessarily ideal for workers’ comp. Also, as healthcare providers try to keep up with ever-changing governmental and PPO reimbursement policies, and as practices/facilities merge or undergo ownership modifications, making sure that insurance companies pay what they’re supposed to frequently exceeds the capabilities of an already overwhelmed billing staff. Over time, lost revenue from services rendered to workers’ comp patients accrues and is written-off. CRI reverses that inevitability and ensures that you receive fair and proper compensation. Step one is a no-risk/no-cost analysis of your workers’ comp billings.

Navigating a complex system

CRI can help diagnose problems and pose solutions. Step one is to assess whether past claims have been paid properly. The course of treatment will depend entirely upon the severity and appropriateness of underpaid workers’ comp claims and your desire to make improvements. Our proprietary processes and technologies allow for maximal flexibility, making certain that important community interests and relationships are respected.

Find out how your Workers’ Compensation business is faring through a no-risk / no-cost analysis! CRI will evaluate your historical billings and report back with the results and a plan of action. We are focused on empowering healthcare providers to manage the complexities of the Workers’ Comp system and, with our tools you’ll see to it that overlooked opportunities are not lost.

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