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We have invested in state-of-the-art technology solutions that help promote effective and efficient ways to process information in the workers’ comp process. Our proven process utilizes our CRI platform to efficiently and effectively recover underpayments which have previously been written off. Our CRI technology allows us to process 1000’s of claims effortlessly.

We are focused on empowering healthcare providers to manage the complexities of the Workers’ Comp system and, with our tools you’ll see to it that overlooked opportunities are not lost.


CRI offers negotiation services to assess specific workers’ compensation settlement offers. CRI will review the offers that have been presented by payers to the hospital or facility and identify appropriate amount due. We will ensure the facility is not underpaid and negotiate the appropriate settlement of each account.


Your managed care agreements can be difficult to assess, however they are critical to maximizing your reimbursements. CRI can help you evaluate and modify your contractual terms and better determine which contracts will impact your bottom line.


Workers’ Compensation is often overlooked by healthcare providers as being a manageable and profitable service base. Those who do treat injured workers follow processes and procedures which, while appropriate for general healthcare services, are not necessarily ideal for workers’ comp. Moreover, the primary side effect of shifting practice ownership and the use of different billings systems over the years is a disconnect in what insurance companies and others have paid versus what you were actually due. Ignoring past and present workers’ comp billings only exacerbates and compounds the negative effects.

CRI can help diagnose problems and pose solutions. Step one is to assess whether past claims have been paid properly. The course of treatment will depend entirely upon the severity and appropriateness of underpaid workers’ comp claims and your desire to make improvements. Our proprietary processes and technologies allow for maximal flexibility, making certain that important community interests and relationships are respected.


CRI has successfully collected millions of dollars in underpaid workers compensation medical bills. With our proprietary technologies, industry relationships and extensive experience in Workers’ Compensation, we know how to triage hard-to-navigate billing systems, revealing areas for improvement, and clarifying underpayment recovery opportunities. There is no one-size-fits-all remedy but the CRI process and philosophy will ensure systemic abuses are addressed in a fair, reasonable and auditable manner.

Our team has decades of experience in workers compensation issues and has developed a proven process with our CRI platform to efficiently and effectively recover underpayments which have previously been written off. We have also invested in technology that allows us to process 1000’s of claims efficiently and effectively.